The two main benefits I got from completing this pilot was the library information I gathered informally during our meetings. For instance I learned that other college libraries are using different approaches to storing and displaying exam papers.  Secondly I learned to recognise that there were many informal channels through which we learn every day.  Examples included conversing with  external librarians the through email.

If I was complete this project again I think I may do a few things differently. I would read up the different approaches to learning philosophies in this area. I ignored this area of the scheme.

Also I think I would work on the physical appearance of my blog.  It could be useful exercise in learning on how produce a professional looking word press blog. This could be useful showcase for my skills in this area.


IT Tallaght and Koha Demo


Myself  and Debora showed two librarians from Tallaght IT a demo of Koha  week. The librarians spend mourning with us learning about the front end of Koha.  Tallaght IT is introducing Koha very soon. This meeting was arranged by our systems librarian David Hughes after a talk he gave recently on switching to Koha.  The meeting was very useful as we exchanged information on inter library loans and overdue book systems. Tallaght IT adopted a point system for overdue books. The systems works on the basis that when students reach a points totals their college privileges are suspended and replacements costs are added.   These systems contrasts with the system we use of monetary fines and replacement costs. The category this item falls under un-structured and the tag is professional communication and dialogue.

Kanopy update

I contacted several university libraries in the UK and United States today that use Kanopy. I was interested to find out whether any of these libraries had a specific user group which used Kanopy more than others.  I received four replies. Each library informed that they could not make such a judgement. However one library did get back to me to say that they have had to limit usage of a certain category of film as it was providing so popular. This could be something we need to look at further down the line. The category this item falls under un-structured and the tag is professional communication and dialogue.